database-configuration-dataport  Our Services database configuration

Data Warehousing

We specialize in implementing data warehousing solutions for on-prem and cloud services like oracle, Azure, AWS which is used to guide marketing, sales and management decisions using the best ETL techniques.

machine-learning-dataport  Our Services machine learning

Machine Learning

We build world-class machine learning models that are stable, accurate and reusable using our understanding of your business environment and machine learning algorithms to give you competitive advantage.

dashboard-reporting-dataport  Our Services dashboard

BI Reporting

We simplify data presentation. We integrate and interact with your data and intuitively using dynamic charts and graphs to understand key metrics and relationships to improve decision making in line with business strategies.

management-dataport  Our Services management

Data Management

We engage in data cleansing processes, detecting and handling incorrect data and duplicates to ensure data quality. Thus, creating a single version of truth to improve customer engagement and life time value optimization, cross-selling and up-selling.