We are an analytics and digital transformation company.

Our mission is to drive exponential growth by transforming raw business data into actionable insights and strategies. We achieve this by deploying superior innovative and advanced analytics tools, machine learning and data mining techniques. We also leverage our experience working with leading data-driven organizations to develop bespoke approaches to individual clients.


With a team of seasoned and experienced data scientists, analysts and software engineers, we build models that predict customer behaviour and credit scores, perform risk assessments and revenue assurance and also deliver value through product improvement, classification and recommendations.


We boast of a client portfolio with business interests in banking, telecoms, retail, eCommerce, Health and pharmaceuticals, Consulting, Travel, Education, etc.


We are very passionate about data and the science behind it.


Contact us and let’s talk #data!


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Adetayo Kolade

Chief Everything Officer

Highly qualified professional with over 8 years of research, strategy articulation & implementation, digital transformation and business intelligence & data analytics to effectively optimize operational efficiency and avail decision makers most viable and actionable suggestions through the utilization of big data.

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Ephraim A. Ebong

Chief Data Officer

Ephraim is an experienced data analytics professional and a Microsoft Certified Trainer with demonstrated history of working in the telecom, e-commerce and financial services industry. He is passionate about Data Analytics and delivering value by unlocking data-driven insights to drive business decisions and strategy.

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Adedotun Kolade

Chief Operations Officer

Highly qualified Enterprise Architect and Performance Manager offering 6 years of research, business intelligence, strategy articulation and implementation across industries including consulting, e-commerce, telecoms, research and power.